Lauryn Brockey

My personal mission statement is for each client to reach his or her individualized
recovery goals to live a more fulfilled life. I have experience working with adult
women, adult men, couples, under 18 kids/teenagers, elderly, LGBTQ+, and co-
occurring diagnoses. I have immense experience with diagnoses such as Major
Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, and Personality
Disorders. I also have experience working with diagnoses such as autism,
ADHD, and OCD. I work with BFRB behaviors like nail biting, skin picking, and
hair pulling. I want to help people feel empowered to reach their individualized
My approach is to help others solve their issues, improve emotion regulation,
increase usage of coping mechanisms, and improve conflict resolution skills. I
utilize techniques like CBT, DBT, Solution-focused, BFRB focused, and person-
centered. If this sounds like we could work together, please contact me and we
can get started on your next breakthrough.
My main goal is to help people feel self-love and empowered to meet their
individualized goals. Helping people has always been my passion because it
allows me to see the person grow utilizing the skills they've developed in therapy
and outside of therapy. I provide in-person sessions in Tempe and teletherapy
sessions based on client needs.

To contact Lauryn, please click here.