Jessica Stelfox

Jessica Stelfox, LPC
I’m deeply honored to work as a licensed professional counselor with individuals who desire to heal their wounds and reclaim their victory stories. With many years of experience as a child and family therapist, my central goal has been to create spaces of safety for youth and their caregivers to speak their truths and find their inner strengths. My therapeutic style allows for a delicate balance between structured and structured treatment, inviting the client to take the lead in directing the process while also guiding their steps along the path.

My specialties include using dialectical behavior therapy and play techniques to assist individuals in becoming “unstuck” by rewiring their brains for safety. In the therapy room, I give clients permission to freely explore their internal world and navigate their challenges through my non-judgmental approach and authentic self.
In my practice, individuals learn how traumatic events impact the nervous system and what natural skills we possess in shaping the architecture of our brains.

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Jessica Stelfox