Kevin Jessup

Kevin Jessup has a passion for helping people find healing and a sense of meaning in their
lives. He helps people from many cultures and circumstances navigate low self-esteem, low
confidence, and negative limiting core beliefs to align with the highest version of themselves that
can be imagined. He offers a safe, non-judgmental, and warm space for his clients to explore
vulnerability, process traumas, and learn skills to improve daily functioning. He guides his clients
in learning coping skills, life skills, assertive communication, and boundary setting – with others
and with self. Kevin believes in meeting clients where they are. He embraces a collaborative
approach – reminding everyone he meets that each of us is THE expert in our own lives. We
really are. There is hope.

He has worked as a primary counselor, program director, clinical trainer, and graduate
instructor. After many years, he is very experienced and comfortable working with issues such
as gender identity, first responder trauma, LGBTQ+, couples communication and growth,
anxiety, depression, fear of performance, obsessive compulsive behaviors, substance abuse,
sexual identity, work and school adjustment, family communication, and self-development. He
has helped many people discover healing in many settings such as community health, the
military, Arizona State Hospital, substance abuse facilities and in home counseling. Kevin will
work with you to create individualized, achievable goals, and above all else, his intention is to
provide a healing space where you can come exactly as you are – and help you create positive
change in the areas of your life that matter the MOST to you.

Kevin Jessup is a Mental and Behavioral Health Therapist, recognized as a Licensed Associate
Counselor in the state of Arizona. He graduated with a master’s degree in Professional
Counseling, with a post graduate specialization in Trauma, Abuse and Deprivation assessment
and treatment. Kevin also holds a master’s degree in Human Resources with a Post Graduate
Specialization in Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment.

To contact Kevin Jessup, call 480-718-1261 or click here